A story about enhancing safety in an outdoor working environment

Tyro Remotes asked us to show off their new product, eSTAB, which greatly enhances workplace safety in an outdoor logging environment.

"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this:" a remote that signals when a tractor rotates too much in any given direction while using a forestry winch. That's what Tyro Remotes developed on their mission to make workplaces safer by using remotes. A product like this can be quite difficult to explain using only text, so why not use animation? Take a look!


Creative Direction & Writing:

  • Jan-Willem Wessels

Everything else: 

  • Also Jan-Willem Wessels

Emotional support:

  • Jan-Willem's imaginary pet hamster
Tyro used some of our illustrations in their product manual
Tyro Remotes Manual
Tyro Remotes Storyboard
Tyro Remotes Animation