A story about finding, recruiting and managing a workforce.

Sprintto asked us to help share with the world their revolutionary formula for recruiting and managing workers.

In close collaboration with marketing agency Salstra, we had the honour of telling Sprintto's story about poolmanagement and recruitment. In a series of 2 short videos, Sprintto wanted to explain the core of what they have to offer: helping their clients find new people, and managing their own flexible workforce in a way that guarantees quality and flexibility.

The main character of this story is always the worker. We decided to show the interplay between the worker and Sprintto in quite a unique way, namely by combining stop motion - the current "real" world - and 2D animation - the augmentation of that reality. This process required a ton of planning, writing and gluing paper cutouts, but the result is a colourful, powerful animation that encapsulates Sprintto's story incredibly well.


Creative Direction & Writing:

  • Jaap-Willem Nooitgedagt

Art Direction: 

  • Niels Bakhuis


  • Jan-Willem Wessels


  • Jan-Willem Wessels
  • Anne-Marie Bruinsma


  • Anne-Marie Bruinsma


  • Ewan Bakhuis


  • Jan-Willem Wessels


  • Jan-Willem Wessels
All backgrounds and sets are made out of colored paper
Sprintto set design
Every second containts roughly 15 different photos
Sprintto Stop-motion photography
We spent a total of 4 days shooting all of the stop-motion scenes
Sprintto Stop-motion photography